All treatments cost 88 €, 96 USD, 144 AUD, 213 FJD, 1000 SEK.

(Thai Foot Massage costs 40 €, 42 USD, 56 AUD, 85 FJD, 400 SEK.)

If you are unable to pay for the treatment you can pay “With the Heart,” which means that you pay what you are able, or want for the treatment.

Are you curious and would like to try it first? Ralf offers Distance Energy Healing for free certain days of every month.

You can pay by using:

PayPal (preferred):

Cash (even by mail, and any currency)

Swish (Sweden): (please ask for details)

International Bank Transfer: (please ask for details).

If you want Ralf can send you a receipt via email. 

(He will only use your email address for sending the receipt).

With light. With Love. Namaste. Welcome!