Ralf loves giving treatments all over in the world, wherever he is needed. He likes to travel and gives treatments year round.

Ideally the treatment structure is: You are a group who individually want to receive treatments or as a group all together. For individual treatments, your group has access to a nice quiet room with a thin mattress or futon on the floor, and some pillows. For Group Energy Healing, you should have a space large enough for everybody.

When Ralf travels to your group, he charges exact transportation costs from wherever he is in the world to where you are. For example, if your group is in India and he is in Thailand, he will ask your group to pay the one way ticket from Thailand to India. He appreciates meals and a place to sleep during the time he is with your group. Treatments are paid by each person in the group, “With the Heart”. (see under “Payment”)

For Distance Energy Healing, the location of where you are, and where Ralf is at the moment you receive the treatment does not matter.

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