Custom Treatment

Custom Treatment

When receiving a Custom Treatment both you and Ralf are open to all possibilities.

Ralf often starts this treatment by working with Energy Healing outside the body, by lightly holding certain acupuncture points or by placing his hands on your stomach, back, or feet. He follows the guidance of Healing Energy and uses all necessary techniques. Throughout the entire treatment he works with energies outside your body, works entirely on your body, or a combination of both. Often deep Healing takes place. Sometimes the treatment is so strong that you feel a need to keep laying down after the treatment is over. There is time for that.

After the treatment there is silence, or time for Ralf and you to talk for a few minutes; whatever feels natural. It is wonderful to be in this open space where everything is possible. The Custom Treatment lasts 70 minutes.

You can prepare yourself for the Custom Treatment by being calm and open. It is with openness that the whole Custom Treatment, Healing Energy, and anything that might happen before, during, or after the treatment works best. On the day you receive the Custom Treatment, it is beneficial that you treat yourself to a calm day and spend time in a meditative state.

You are very welcome!

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