Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing

You, your body, your energy system, Ralf, his energy system, and the whole universe or universes, are all one energy. Before the treatment starts Ralf meditates, becomes calm and attunes himself with this energy, which he calls Healing Energy. When the treatment starts Ralf waits and then senses where this energy flows, and follows it with his hands, visualizing your body. He senses and experiences. The fact that you and your physical body are not in the same room as him doesn’t matter. It is a very powerful Healing Energy that guides him, and flows through him to you.

Healing Energy goes to any area on or in your body, works on the emotional or spiritual realms, on something you are not aware of (yet), something that happened before (could be a trauma), any underlying cause of your discomfort or imbalance, or reconnects you to your inner calm.

You can prepare yourself for Distance Energy Healing by being calm and open. It is with openness that Healing Energy, and anything that might happen before, during, or after the treatment works best. On the day you receive Distance Energy Healing, it is beneficial that you treat yourself to a calm day and spend time in a meditative state. Ralf suggests that you receive the treatment reclined, in calm surroundings and with a mind as relaxed as possible.

At the appointed time Ralf will make contact with you and send you a link for the video. It is important for him to connect with you energetically, so you and he can talk for a few minutes by video-chat before the session starts. The session itself is approximately 60 minutes and silent. During the session, the video can be on or off. After the session, you and Ralf can video-chat for a few minutes.

You are very welcome!

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