Shiatsu means “thumb pressure.” It is a modern Japanese treatment with roots in traditional Japanese and Chinese treatments.

Ralf studied Shiatsu with Sati (Oda) near Chiang Mai, Thailand, and with Philippe Vandenabeele and Lasse Stålnacke in Gävle and Stjärnsund, Sweden.

Since 2010, Ralf has been a licensed Shiatsu therapist in accordance with the European Shiatsu Federation.

The theory of Zen Shiatsu states that imbalance occurs when there is too much energy, called Qi, in one place and too little in another place. In a Shiatsu treatment Ralf follows energy lines on your body, applying pressure as needed, with his thumbs. He stretches you to re-establish and promote an even energy flow in your body. The pressure can be gentle or deep. It is your own energy which gets rebalanced and redistributed with his help. Overall, the treatment is mostly perceived as gentle, precise, and relaxing. Since each individual is unique, Ralf customizes the Shiatsu treatment to you, in the moment. The treatment is given on a thin mattress or futon on the floor, and you should wear loose-fitting clothes. The treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Ralf practices Shinzui Shiatsu, which resembles Zen Shiatsu. In his treatments he often incorporates Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, specific acupuncture points, Traditional Chinese Medicine, foot reflexology, and techniques from Craniosacral therapy. Most importantly, Healing Energy flows through him and guides him to work on certain areas or points on and around your body. At some point during the treatment he may take his hands off your body for a few minutes. He believes that you, your body, your energy system, his energy system, and the whole universe or universes, are all one energy. To conclude the treatment, Ralf puts your hands on your stomach.

You can prepare yourself for the Shiatsu treatment by being calm and open. It is with openness that the whole Shiatsu treatment, Healing Energy, and anything that might happen before, during, or after the treatment works best. On the day you receive the Shiatsu treatment, it is beneficial that you treat yourself to a calm day and be in a meditative state. It is recommended that you take several treatments a couple of days or a week apart for the best effect.

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